Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tulips are my favorite...

The wrinkles around your eyes remind me that we are old
But the way they smile when you look at me makes me not care

Nothing can describe the way it feels
To lace my fingers in yours

The ease in my heart, the peace that has settled there
Belongs to you

I can’t imagine it being another way
Like we have always been in this place

Everything is right with the world
Even the things that aren’t because you are here

It is the most spectacular moment at the beginning of forever
Joy and Bliss have nothing on this


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous tender love poem. I think as one gets older, loving becomes easier and gentler and more real, maybe. The beginning of your poem is spectacularly beautiful and so is the rest of it.

Queen of the Universe said...

Thank you for the inspiration. Your images are so clear it makes me think of all sorts of things. ::bows to the Master::