Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FYI Bitches: Ryan Reynolds does NOT belong to you!

Summer is finally winding down and I am dusting off the cobwebs. Monkeys are returning from parts near and far so I have to get back to some regular patterns. I will inform you in advance; I won’t be waxing poetic today or giving some long monologue on a well thought out subject. No, the Queen’s glorious return post-summer break is about one thing and one thing only:

Screaming little girls that think Ryan Reynolds is hot piss me off.

::insert evil laugter here::

Far be it from me to argue that point but this is what it’s about...(sample conversation inserted for illustrative effects).

Random Idiot: OMG, Ryan Reynolds is so freakin hot, I just can’t BELIEVE it.

QOTU: Yeah, he’s funny too. Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place is one of my favorite shows ever. I am thinking I need to buy it on DVD.

Random Idiot: WTF? Ryan Reynolds was never on TV, he’s a MOOOOOVVVIEEEE star, what are you talking about? Stupid old lady, ha ha ha.

QOTU: ::shoots IMDB lightning bolts all over said idiot faster than she can say ‘what’s IMDB?’::

Come on, he is NOT the new thing. He even kicked vampire butt before it was cool…now everyone is doing it. (Side note here, I am also RIDICULOUSLY addicted to True Blood but that’s another blog).

You can spend money going to see him and drool over his pictures, but I am sorry, you don’t get to carry the official Ryan Reynolds card. Those are reserved for us that know he is more than a pretty face but happily embrace his right to take his clothes off any time he pleases.

On a Comic Con side note, I could care less if he and Scarlet are fighting, I don’t really care for her anyway (sorry Scott), but dude, check this out…I am stoked!

Peace out!