Thursday, May 28, 2009

My moon

My smiling moon,

Speaks through the veil,

You are here, you are loved, you are alive.

My smiling moon,

Sauntering across the darkness,

Reminding me I am small, I am grateful, I am alive.

My smiling moon,

Hides behind the trees as the sun begins its chase,

Good morning, welcome, breathe.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad Monkey

***door bell rings, loud barking dogs follow***

Little Monkey: Who is it?

QOTU: No one.

Little Monkey: No one is out there?

QOTU: Not any more. Might have been the Mormons.

Little Monkey: Oh that is so cool, we got ding-dong-ditched!

QOTU: How do you even know what that is? You aren't old enough.

Little Monkey: Duh mom. Someone rings your doorbell and then runs away. (turns back to finish video game in disgust)

I SWEAR I was older before I knew what that was and pretty sure I never talked about it to my parents. Oh the days of being oblivious!