Friday, June 24, 2011

Alrighty then!

So the new place is up...still under construction but working as of now.  If you landed here, go over there and check it out.  I will have more loveliness to put up as I chug along...:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catastrophic #FAIL or Why Texas Weather Hates Me

if you look closely, you can see the bug who met his maker after eatting all my leaves

Admitedly, it has been a crazy weather season.  I think anyone who may watch television any where could say this year has already been nuts.  This has wreaked havoc with the Beekman seeds I planted.  While my onions and potatoes have done well (except for in this picture where you can see a nasty fat catapiller stripping the leaves) but in the bins further out, the Beekman seeds, well, they got the hell beat out of them.  We, for several odd weeks, alternated between ridiculous hail storms out of no where, then tornados, culminating in a storm that combined the two.  The first four seeds planted, grew to various heights and one by one died a glorious death.  Only the French Breakfast radishes eeked out tiny little bubbles of what they could grow to be...sad indeed.

Now we are facing record breaking temperatures and severe drought.  I am debating planting the next four batches.  We have been trying to move for some time to a more moderate climate and lately, there is finally a bit of action on that effort so I may hold off.  Surely there is some where on the planet thats not over 95 degrees everyday? 

For next year, regardless of where I am, I know I will need some sort of shelter, even if temporary to keep them safe.  So the experiment continues!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

Cutest Cat Twins in the Universe

This is the official anniversary of my time here on Blogger.  It has been a long strange trip these past three years for sure.  I am hoping this month that the great nuggets from this blog are archived in my Volume 1 over on and then I will be moving to  I am shivering with antici...pation.  I hope you move over there with me and I am working on all sorts of odds and ends to make that experience so much richer.  Forever grateful that some of you tend to stick around.  You rock.