Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ch-ch-ch-check it out...


It's funny.

If you don't think it's funny, eff you.

I am always right.

Get used to it.

Show Psychobillygirl some love.

A Friday Morning Conversation With The Queen

Dude, we gotta take some pics next weekend...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


But this is precisely why you don't drink and blog:

I am constantly in awe of the delicately chosen words and beautiful imagery. Seriously, go away from us, this band of monkeys, Gypsies and scoundrels. Leave this place and go float along with the song of his page...

Kisses for you Ginga! MUAH!


Hollywood can be a bitch and it turns people rotten and cold but to see a story like this today, it just warms my heart. I think this kind of thing shows the humanity people can exhibit when touched by a special person. Matilda is a lucky girl to have such gifted angels in her life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


*nothing about my life because it’s how I got where I am now.

*the shape of my body so I could confidently walk, completely naked, into the street and think nothing of it. :)

*the color of the paint on my walls every six months if that were not horribly inconvenient.

*the time I lost away from old friends because they complete my life in so many ways.

*how easily I stop talking when I know that the thing I am about to say is likely going to hurt someone.

*the perception that I am uber-strong and confident all the time so that people will realize sometimes, I just need a hug.

*the fact that we live in a world where too many people are not afforded basic human rights, whether it due to famine, bigotry, homophobia, religious fundamentalism, our own government…

*the fact that children go to bed hungry in one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

*that I neglected to tell important people how much they meant to me when I had the chance.

Most Nerdiriffic Text Message I Have Ever Sent!

7:36 AM Del Toro is working with Jackson on The Hobbit movies. WOO HOO!

Best freakin' response I have ever gotten:

7:50 AM Also, the earth is round and coke classic is back. You just now heard this? :P

To wit I reply:

7:51 AM I know, right? I have been under a rock and nearly had a wreck! U have time for lunch tomorrow?

Many thanks to RandomRage for serving up a plate of fresh, cold ridicule so early in the morning. What I MEANT TO SAY is that the project is no longer stalled and is actually MOVING FORWARD. The lack of which previously caused many to write the project off to speculation or legend as it were. I am currently a MASSIVE Del Toro fan so this is just icing on the cake of my movie life.

Yeah for nerds.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So quiet now I can hear the thought jump from one to another

Connecting pieces of my life in ways

I didn’t remember before today

Happiness was something other people did

Not the reality

Of my quiet existence

But now it is still


Inside my soul, my head, my heart

No need for restlessness

As each thought finds its home

In the quiet joy

Silent bliss

Peaceful wonders of my heart


I love my babies...:) Judgemental monkey is never around any more though...BLAH. He's all "grown up" and stuff. That is the stuff that makes me so proud and sad at the time. Being a mom is so cool.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Seen the sunrise over Stratford-Upon-Avon and watched a Royal Shakespeare Company production there after sunset…

Witnessed with my own eyes the Birth of Venus and Michaelango’s David in Florence…

Drank a glass of champagne on the Ponte Vecchico…

Been devastated by the destruction of a mind from Alzheimer’s…

Yelled with the crowds cheer at a bullfight in Barcelona…

Seen the pain people can inflict on one another…

Seen the Last Supper in a damp monastery in Milan…

Heard someone lie…

Stood in the rain as it washed across the deck of a ferry while crossing the English Channel at night…

Known someone to cheat…

Greeted the sunrise on the White Cliffs of Dover…

Watched someone commit a crime…

Gazed at the city lights of Munich and stopped long enough to enjoy a beer…

Been present at the death of a stranger on a lonely highway…

Given birth to three amazing children…

Known a rapist…

Done a brass rubbing in Westminster Abbey…

Eaten dinner with a murderer…

Stood in the aisles at Canterbury…

Had someone mistake me for someone else…

Attended a Christmas Mass at a Catholic church…

Had someone try to change me…

Walked in a Gay Pride parade…

Had someone accept me for exactly who I am…

Done an interview on BBC radio…

Been in love and been loved in return only once in my lifetime…

Filmed a commercial…

Been on the set of a movie in production and attended a Vanity Fair photo shoot…

Lied to someone…

Been a National Delegate for the Democratic Party…

Cheated on someone…

Gazed in amazement at the work in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam…

Been to a beach on the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico…

Ridiculed someone…

Lived through the pain of an alcoholic parent…

Met a great General whom I admire…

Hated someone…

Flown to a swing state to block walk the week of early voting…

Lusted after someone…

Stood on the Alps in Switzerland…

Levied revenge upon someone…

Had a spiritual experience that changed my life…

Have seen the tulips in Holland…

Had a picnic lunch at the Painted Desert…

Ordered room service at the Four Seasons for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey…

Won and lost money in Las Vegas…

Known future Congressmen, Governors, Senators…

Always been homesick for the state of my birth…

Attended the opening season game for my favorite SEC team…

Been to the Birthing Stones in Wahiawa…

Stood in a rainforest in Costa Rica…

Been to Capitol Hill and stood on the floor of the Senate, contemplating hooking all the paper clips on Kay Bailey Hutchison’s desk together in a chain and putting them back in the holder…

Had too much to drink too many times…

Called my Little Sis from the bathroom of a Representative to Congress’s house…

Taken Improv classes…

Gone to school to be a Massage Therapist…

Gotten tattooed and pierced…

Died my hair five different colors at the same time…

Written stories that I never share…

Road tripped across the lower part of the US, east to west…

Worked for people I hated…

Said things I did not mean…

Life is not a test drive. It’s your one time shot to get it right while you are here right NOW. Not all of it is fun and a bunch of stuff you will totally screw up, trust me. I am still adding to my list, every day. Things I am not proud of and things I just can’t wait to do again. I am constantly seeking opportunities to change someone’s life or my own just by doing something different than the usual.

What are you doing today? Get up, get moving, do something great.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

now i remember why i didn't like highschool...


Rules suck. I am reminded of that as I entertain myself on my Blackberry standing in a hall way full of loud Sophomores. Fill out these pages. No, I can't give you this form until you complete those. Ok, I'm done, can I have that page now? Uh, no we haven't started yet. So I will have to get back in line to wait for a form that I could get from you now? Yes, those are the rules.


So me, a walking contradiction to the dress code, feels like I did the first day I went to high school so many moons ago.


So now I have to worry about my tattoos, piercings and clothes? As an adult? Eff the rules. Eff high school.

I took off my stripper shoes in lieu of my flip flops before I came in. WTF? I can't change who I am.

Quite honestly, even if I could I wouldn't. I rock.

Screw the rules!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not in a Catholic High School, you won't!

Judgmental Monkey has been working hard this summer on a local theater company production of “Narnia”. He’s learning great things, making new friends and pushing himself out of his comfort zone. This is one of those times when I can say I am SO proud to be his mom. I went to opening day with the girl monkeys, Little Sis and Psychobillygirl. (note to self, we should never be allowed to sit in a row together again, particularly with me in the middle.) This is also one of those times that I can say I am SO sorry for him that he is in this family…ROTFLMAO.

Little Sis “Why the hell does Aslan look like Alice Cooper?”

Queen ::repeats via whispers to Psychobillygirl, promptly begin to laugh hysterically out loud::

Aslan ::starts singing very serious song::

Trio of harpies ::starts singing ‘Schools Out For Summer’::

Queen ::hands grasped so tightly across her mouth that she cannot breathe so subsequently gasps for air, LOUDLY.:: "OMG you guys, we are gonna go to hell for this…but really, he's the main character, shouldn't his costume be better?"

Psychobillygirl “He is really more of a Bob Marley zombie.”

Queen ::repeats via whispers to Little Sis, again, more laughing::

Girl Monkeys “Ssssshhhh, you are embarrassing us. What is so funny?”

Little Sis ::repeats via whispers to Middle Monkey who proceeds to laugh out loud::

Psychobillygirl “Now that I think of it, his mane kinda looks like Dee Snyders hair from Twisted Sister.” ::feels necessary to illustrate this with belting out a Twisted Sister song:

Back row of losers ::raucous laughter inappropriately when the lion is going to be killed::

Queen “We are so gonna get thrown out of this place.”

Psychobillygirl “NOW I HAVE IT, it’s the lions costume from the Wiz!”

Queen ::nearly pukes laughing so hard and trying to hold it in::

Back row of losers ::quickly degenerate into heckling fools laughing at inappropriate moments and pondering how an actual zombie, vampire and some wretched very large woman in purple with green hair get written into a story paralleling the Crucifixion::

SERIOUSLY, be forewarned. You can NOT take us any where. Okay, well, any where you have NO intentions of having any fun. It's so much fun being a role model, DAMN I love this stuff...:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


As Psychobillygirl will tell you, the 80's have a great deal of redeeming value. In retrospect, I guess I think so too. I think back to things then that seemed so much simpler than how life turned out. I hope its not a change in the world all together and just me needing to get back to where I was...or maybe who I was, not necessarily in that place anymore. It's cool though, finding things out about yourself that were always there...comforting really.

Now if someone can just explain to me, what were we thinking with big glasses and acid wash denim? Not the best of the 80's...ROTFLMAO.


Do I have to pick just one?

This week, my Cleveland buddy asked for my top 10 list for movies. Immediately I freak out, what are my top 10 favorites? UGH. I have very few all time favs, mostly my favs right now but do I just have to pick ten? I had this dilemma in Improv class a few months back when we played a game (the particulars of which are of no consequence to most of you) but it began with a simple question:..

What's your favorite movie?

Right, you are laughing aren't you? Those of you that know me, recognize that this is no simple question as I watch what would be considered an obscene amount of movies (being unable to sleep certainly helps). My immediate answer was a standard, of course, kind of answer, "The Wizard of Oz". I mean, it has everything, witches, kick ass shoes, flying monkeys and midgets, what's not to love? I have watched that movie every year since the beginning of time as I know it. While many girls got caught up in tales with princes and happily ever after, I loved the terror, the unexpected and the fantasy that unfolds over a story that, at first, seems to be about shoes. As an adult, discovering the books "Wicked" and "Son of a Witch" made the world even more real and distant. I feel more at home with the strange and magical than any traditional story (I mean come on, I am a girl with "Zombie Survival Guide" by my bed just in case I find myself unexpectedly awaken by a throng of pissed off undead). My parents tell me I watch "weird" movies, I think there is a big pot/kettle tale in there, but, I digress. It's been a while since I have done a favorites, a list for you (in no particular order to my liking) to add to your Netflix list...enjoy!

1. Juno - Saw this and thought it was clever and interesting/Jason Bateman is hot and a little creepy here

2. Stardust - a beautiful love story that straddles two worlds/I am a bit biased as the hero is named Tristan

3. Across The Universe - I always respected the Beatles place in history but this movie made me a true friend/where the group was essentially a three cord max, the rearrangement and spectacular music put behind the lyrics highlights their beauty

4. Sweeny Todd - I do enjoy an unusual movie and musicals so combined, this is golden/Johnny Depp is so haunting as a singer, I bought the soundtrack. Since this is the "musical catagory" I am also submitting for your approval Mamma Mia! I took the girls yesterday...UNBELIEVABLE! Everyone in the theater was singing and dancing by the end...pure magic.

5. Reservoir Dogs - I am an obsessive Tarantino fan…this is my favorite/Michael Madsen's dance is one of the best and most horrific scenes in any movie I have ever seen

6. The Air I Breathe - A series of shorts linked together by over lapping character in a study on emotion. So sad and sweet at the same time, complicated and so beautiful when they bring it together in the end.

7. Pan's Labyrinth - miraculous imagery, this movie make me think for DAYS afterwards. I will also add here my other Del Toro fav, The Orphange...OMG. Would you loosers PLEASE go watch this movie so I can talk with someone about the ending?

8. 28 Days Later - I am a big movie monster fan, this is one of my most favorites (and a close tie with Bubba Ho-tep)

9. Children of Men - There is so much I could say about this movie and none of it would capture a moment of this end of the world portrait/I admit I wept for several minutes as the warring factions heard the cry of the baby..powerful

10. A Very Long Engagement - This movie is one of the reasons I adore foreign films…American movies tend to like to wrap things up in tidy little bows at the end and I find French films are much more true to life. It is romantic and beautiful and quite unlike anything I have seen sense (I added this to my queue after I fell in love with the male lead in Hannibal Rising…this guy is AMAZING)

11. Shooter - A great guy flick with a smoking hot lead//having known more than one military type, this I would chalk up as more realistic than others I have seen where former soldier saves the world. Loved the story line.

12. An Inconvenient Truth - This should be mandatory for everyone on the planet, period.

13. The Last King of Scotland - remarkable movie about an interesting time in the world, for anyone that remembers the clips on the news, it brings them to life

14. Becoming Jane - any Jane Austen reader should check this out…it explains EVERYTHING

15. Alien vs. Predator - two of the best movie monsters EVER-what's not to love?

16. The Fifth Element - It was with this movie I fell in love with Chris Tucker…lol

17. Much Ado About Nothing (Branagh/Thompson version) - I love all the movies they did together but this one was when you could tell they were very deeply in love/hands down one of my favs of all time

18. Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrmann version) - this movie makes me drunk every time I watch it…as a sensory person, I get so caught up in the words, music, costumes, and love that I barely notice when the movie ends…"a curse on both your houses" is my favorite scene in this movie…remarkable!

19. Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill - if you don't know Eddie, you should (check him out with Minnie Driver on FX's The Riches) he has many specials on disc, but this is the best and it all leads to the end, a scene in French, that is to die for!

20. The Italian Job - I love all the Ocean's movies but this one is an Ocean's movie with a bit more…oh yeah, notice two Marky Mark movies on the list…lol

Grab your Junior Mints and have fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Many Thanks

funny how the thing i found was not what i thought i was looking for
but exactly what i needed.

it is a strange and wonderful moment and i am holding tightly
until i feel i can relax without letting it go.

in my head i have stopped asking questions and amazingly
the answers are finally coming.

i am lucky to live this life of pain, redemption and joy but
only just realized it when the bliss overflowed.

i am grateful, and i say it, every single day for every single thing
from the bumps in the road to the smooth parts of life.

i am blessed to be on this journey and i feel like running,screaming,
dancing, singing, praying in gratitude for every piece of it.

Thank you to the universe for my utterly perfect life...:)


I don't know what it is about the end of summer, but I always feel like I would rather be doing ANYTHING but what I am doing right now. I am seeing this general restlessness creep into the lives of my friends and families and it made me stop today and think, what is this about? Does everyone get this way this time of year?

I generally look forward to cold weather. Two days ago it was 116 degrees here and I thought, man, I am ready to move. I love that school is about to start and there will be sharpened pencils and tighter routines and frost on the ground in a few short weeks. But why is all that autumn goodness always preceded with just a yucky mood? Do we morn the lazy days of summer? Do we start to evaluate our year and realize, shit, I haven't accomplished anything I set out to? Or is it a case of one season giving way to another and we just notice this time more than the others?


I got nothing for you. Tell me what you think.

In the interim, go visit Gingatao and get some lyrical loveliness.

Peace and Chicken Grease.


Friday, August 1, 2008

You need to relax

"Good evening."

cocks head to the side because this is truly odd monkey behavior for when I return from slaying dragons all day.

"Good evening Little Monkey."

"Here, this is for you."

presents two 3" x 5" note cards taped together that say:

Spa Treatment Services
Gift Card $200
Schedule today at 817-xxx-xxxx (insert Little Monkey's cell number here)

"Wow, thanks."

"You have to call for an appointment."

"Ok. Is it necessary for me to call you if I am in the same room with you?"

"Yes. You have to schedule."

picks up phone and calls

"Thank you for calling the treatment center, this is Little Monkey, would you like to schedule services?"

"Yes, massage and manicure please."

"Okay, you are on the schedule. Call again soon."

hangs up cell

"When do we get started?"


"Tomorrow? I just called and scheduled!"

"Oh, you have to call from work to schedule if you want services the same day."

mouth hangs open as Little Monkey sashays out of the room

Yeah, no kidding. As an update, spa treatments have been updated today to include fresh squeezed lemonade. WTF you ask? Me too. We were nerds growing up and played school. I even came up with the GENIUS idea to tape record lessons so I could force my sister to sit still and do the work without me actually having to stay in the room. I KNOW, awesome right? So I can't figure out if this is because I take her to get her $10 polish change occasionally or if I just really look like I need it. Guess it doesn't really matter...funny though, what kids perceive.

Today it rains

in my head, its grey and cloudy
raining every so slightly
enough to obscure the view

my hearts to blame
for bringing me here
and not letting me let go

i feel the mist on my mind
get lost in the cold, wet drops
try to forget lost time

i don't know what to do with this
what it means
so i will just let it be