Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Most Nerdiriffic Text Message I Have Ever Sent!

7:36 AM Del Toro is working with Jackson on The Hobbit movies. WOO HOO!

Best freakin' response I have ever gotten:

7:50 AM Also, the earth is round and coke classic is back. You just now heard this? :P

To wit I reply:

7:51 AM I know, right? I have been under a rock and nearly had a wreck! U have time for lunch tomorrow?

Many thanks to RandomRage for serving up a plate of fresh, cold ridicule so early in the morning. What I MEANT TO SAY is that the project is no longer stalled and is actually MOVING FORWARD. The lack of which previously caused many to write the project off to speculation or legend as it were. I am currently a MASSIVE Del Toro fan so this is just icing on the cake of my movie life.

Yeah for nerds.

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Anonymous said...

Me too, Benicio Del Toro, even the name sounds coool. But I can't see him as a hobbit, hahaha,