Wednesday, September 23, 2009

59 Degrees


Sorry, just slightly excited at the dip in temperature considering that we have had oppressive, too close to the equator type hotness going on for so long (which of course was followed by 40 days and 40 nights of rain). I am happy to grab a sweatshirt and cook something yummy.

Speaking of which, this is the perfect time for a new recipe! I just finished Julie & Julia which was marvelous, made me laugh outloud and definitely inspired me to try a Julia Child recipe of my own. I picked the Potage Parmentier which I have decided is AH-MAZING since monkeys of all varieties went back for seconds. Super easy is also big in my book.

Also, if you are one of those that likes to snuggle inside during this time of year, can I beg you to get on the True Blood bandwagon? Well, for this reason, and this reason and I suggest this reason. Is that enough?

I am off to clean something. Probably a closet if it doesn't try to suffocate me first.

Happy Fall!


Paul said...

Come out of the closet!

psychobillygirl said...

hahahahaha...(laughing at above comment) It's OK, it wasn't so scary... LOL
I agree on the cooler weather. I made a pot of chili a few weeks ago, didn't care that it was 500 degrees outside, ate it anyway! :P

Queen of the Universe said...

Paul-i can honestly say, one thing i have never been accused of is needing to come out of the closet! lol

PBG-you gotta try the Potato and Leek soup, way too good.