Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush Smoked Crack For Two Years

I was slightly annoyed last night when my regular TV viewing was interrupted with the "special report" in which Bush chose to outline the reasons our economy is in trouble. I will remind you, this is the same guy that in February said we weren't in a recession we were in a "slowdown."

Maybe I don't understand the difference in those two terms or how you go to a "slowdown" to a 700 billion dollar bailout in 8 months?

Maybe the bigger question is where the fuck has he been living the past two years? I don't know anyone without financial woes and shrinking paychecks. People are out of work, juggling bills, letting some go to feed their kids. I already downsized my house and I still struggle every pay day. I volunteer at my church once a month to feed the homeless. At the beginning of the year, there were maybe 25 people. This last weekend they served over 120. Before you continue to have a vision of the homeless as simply drugged up and lazy, I will tell you that there are former military and women with children in there everytime. Regular people that look no different than you and I. It is a tragedy what is happening in what used to be the greatest nation on the planet.

AND NOW we can't get through a bill funding soldiers pay AND we are reassigning troops to work at home to scare the shit out of civilians but its perfectly acceptable to bail out rich gamblers who shot their wad on Wall Street and you and I have to clean up the streets?

Fuck that. If another Republican wins this election cycle, I am moving out of the country. I am embarrassed to see the priorities the Administration feels are important and watching regularly ordinary people collapse under the weight of what is happening to them.

NOTE TO THE WORLD: All Americans are not as stupid as the ones running our country. Just half of them are.

Don't blame me, I vote a straight Democratic ticket every fucking time

Oh yeah, let's not forget Too-Many-Houses-McCain can't show up for a debate because he is now suddenly overcome with the plight of people like me.

If you believe that, I have some property to sell you in Arizona.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, let rip, my queen. Both barrels too. Thank goodness there are people like you in the world. If they do win you are always welcome to come live over here. We can always use more strong smart supercool humans.

Queen of the Universe said...

Yeah but I think youse guys still have restrictions on permanent relocation. Don't you have to be a doctor or a constrution worker or something? Sadly I am neither...

psychobillygirl said...

I was thinking of becoming a construction worker... this medicine thing is for the birds! lol
point taken, though my queen!

La Lunatique said...

You sing it sister! I half expect the republicans to take it again I'm so beat down by the last 8 years. And if it does I will freak right the fuck out!

Roxy Katt said...

That stuff about the brigade is scary. One of the things that paved the way for the Nazis in Germany was the actions of the Freikorps -- Right Wing veterans of WWI -- who cooperated with the government in putting down the German revolution of 1918/19.

Roxy Katt
Pornographer and Cultural Bolshevik
People's Republic of Kanuckistan

Tina Trivett said...

I agree with La Lunatique ....right the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

Holey mackeral, Tina swore! I've never seen that before. Emotions are running hot indeed.

Queen of the Universe said...

Sometimes Ginga, that's the only way to accurately describe the mess we are in over here...pray for us that sanity returns to this country in November.

Tina Trivett said...