Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sad, silly strange things float by. Lost the sweetness of your voice without being able to say things I should. I am not the one that gets the call, noone knows to find me. Hide away inside my head wishing Life were easier. Everything is uphill so I keep sliding back. Want to feel solid ground but instead I walk on water, yet with out the benefit of being holy or revered. Only me, lonely me, so afraid and misunderstood.


Anonymous said...

Like a sweet sad song, lilting and ephemeral and captures that moment,

Queen of the Universe said...

I was very very worried about someone and hadnt concidered the consequences for me if something went badly. It is very much about that aching love.

Thanks for sticking around.

Anonymous said...

Loneliness can just as easily become a blessing if we make it so.
It can be a boon to go deep within, and find that oasis which helps us understand our own selves.

The day we do that, we would never be lonely again. Or care for being misunderstood. Or even if we are lonely, we would know then that we can just in an instant choose to be with our Self, our soul.

Remember, love lets go.

I wish you well.