Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2:45 is weird time, be forewarned...

"What is it exactly that you are doing?"

"Being weird."

"Ok, I agree, why are you being weird?"

"Because it's weird time."

"When does weird time start?"

"At 2:45 in the afternoon."

"And when does it end?"

"At 3:15 in the afternoon."

"Good to know."

Sometimes, it's just better to walk out of the room. Seven year olds have a definite sense of how their worlds work, whether we agree with them or not. I am going to be checking the clock every afternoon though, this may explain A LOT!



La Lunatique said...

Does this mean I have to limit my weirdness to 30 minutes a day? I hope not or else I'm in big trouble

Queen of the Universe said...

or maybe we add 30 minute increments as we age? hmmm...

psychobillygirl said...

hehehehe..that's my new favorite response. "being weird" that's effen sweet. leave it to the smart little monkey!

Anonymous said...

Which prooves how much smarter kids are than grownups. A wonderful idea but like La Lunatique, I shall have 30 minutes sensible time a day, just to rest my brain. Hello,