Saturday, June 14, 2008

क्रेग फेर्गुसों इस होत

I admit it, I pine away over Craig. This recently came to light in a rather heated debate between Middle Monkey and myself. Middle Monkey was extolling the virtues of Conan. I felt the need to enlighten her so I set the DVR to record his nightly missives. While I am always tuning in, it took a bit for me to realize that it's really because I think he is HHHHOOOOOOTTT!!!!

Craig Ferguson

SERIOUSLY! Follow me on this:

1. So damn funny, funny is always better than pretty because pretty fades.

2. He IS pretty, cause hey, it DOES help...hehehe.

3. The word, YUMMY!

4. He is so HOT that my title line transliterates to HINDU...FRRREEEAAAAKKYYYY!

5. His self-depreciating, honest humor is so SEXY!

If you haven't checked him out yet, go see why I Love Craig Ferguson! Show him some love...his monologues are legendary.

Anyone here have free candy for me? I didn't think so...another reason to love Craig!


Unknown said...

Bah, Conan is still greatness.

Queen of the Universe said...

Ok, you and middle monkey need to stop plotting behind my back...

Anonymous said...

Craig Ferguson?
That sounds lonely, he said.

Queen of the Universe said...

Youse guys don't know what you are missing!

Free candy for Gods sake!

Anonymous said...

Sancho say: watch your count. Buttered Scotch can be high in empty calories.