Thursday, June 5, 2008

With a British accent, please.

Along with the public embarrasment of having me for a mom, middle monkey and I were trying to assign the appropriate monkey moniker to the oldest in the clan but as far has he is concerned, oldest monkey is not acceptable. After a bit of discussion and him searching for spelling mistakes in my postings, he has offered that he here in be refered to as "judgemental monkey." After much laughing at how clever we all are, he added, "with a British accent of course."

Those of you that know him, are now saying, "but of course."

I think he sounds a bit less James Bond and a bit more Dr. Frankenfurter...but that's just me.

Dr. Frankenfurter


La Lunatique said...

Love the blog, gives me lotsa giggles

psychobillygirl said...

me too...and the frankenfurter reference was just too much!!! lol
accurate, but...lmao