Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm not MIA, I had an MRI

Which for the record is probably the reason that people with claustrophobia actually realize they have claustrophobia. Geeze Louise, I felt like a sardine (except alive and less salty). So now the waiting begins...::taps nails on table::

Its kinda weird, the process by which you find out if you are a little sick, or a lot sick. I imagine everyone has different levels of freak out and were I not a parent, I think my freak out level would be decidedly lower. Lots to think about and some things on my list that will bump up in priority but I came to one STUNNING conclusion.

It's all good.


It's totally fine.

Being sick, no matter what kind of sick it is, sucks. I will give you that. But I am insanely lucky to live the life I have. I have such funny friends. I have the best kids on the planet. I do things I want and don't wait for permission. I have been working on a "TO DO" list for over ten years, places to see, things to try, goals to accomplish and the stellar thing is, I am constantly rebuilding my list. It's awesome, I get to live a life where I don't regret ANYTHING.

Not many people can say that.

So make a list of your own. Those of you that have skydiving on the list, I am thinking August sounds like a goal to shoot for, who's going with me?